• Support information for all premises in the museum

Recrd key information for all buildings and rooms with in the museum (stores, galleries, conservation labs, etc.)
Keep envirnment conditions for the premises, so to know if they are suitable for objects kept in them
Exact lcation of the object in the premise – box, shelve, drawer, cases, etc.

  • Recording information for movements within the museum and other museums as well

Keep track f who requested the movement and
Keep track f the reason for movement (acquisitions, incoming and outgoing loans, condition checking, collection care and conservation, damage and loss, etc,)
Keep infrmation for named individuals accountable for moving objects
Fllow approval process for movement requests
Keep recrd when the object was moved and the new location
Check fr environment conditions

  • Arrange handling and packing of the art objects before movement

Check the specific risks and recmmendations for movement
Arrange cnservation and packing needs to make object safe for move
Establish the apprpriate transport
Prepare accmpanying documents for the movement and transportation

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