Competitive advantages

Cloud-Based or On-premises

Museum Space is a web-based system that gives the flexibility to choose between cloud-based installation or on-premises installation. We use Microsoft Azure Cloud that gives a maximum degree of security and reliability in the cloud.


Museum Space is designed as a module based system. Each of the modules can be used on its own or as a combination of modules that interchange the needed data in between. Each module is configured depending on your institution’s needs, after detailed analyses of your work, made by our specialists.

Semantic Relationships

The database repository for Museum Space information is based on semantic technology. Semantic technology is ideal for the way that information is gathered and stored in the museum community. It enables searches to find relationships that current standard data models would deem to be unrelated.

Integrations with external systems

Although Museum Space is a complete museum management system that contains all needed modules for the management of each cultural institution, some of our customers need integrations with their existing Collection Management (CM) or Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. As Museum Space is developed on innovative technology SEP that use APIs, each integration can be done fast and easy.

Multitenant Option

Museum Space is a multi-tenant solution that can be easily set up for use in more than one organization with their own area of responsibility. The tenant-based approach allows you other museums to be added easily to the system.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards displays summary of information and activity related to the person or the cultural object. The information is dynamic and populates instantly when somebody performs actions in the system.

Developed with the help of museum specialists

Working for so many years with museum professionals and experts we have solid expertise in the cultural heritage industry, that’s why our solution Museum Space solve real problems and fits the way most institutions work.

100% Customizable based on personal needs

Museum Space is developed based on innovative technology SEP (Sirma Enterprise Platform). The platform gives you the flexibility to configure the whole system, without the need of developer. By using widgets, you can extract and visualize needed information from the system by yourself.