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Curation Space - collection management module designed to manage cataloging for an institution’s collections, and facilitate loans, acquisitions, deaccessions, and transportation.

Enjoy a flawlessly structured library with object classification, status reporting, transportation documentation, powerful search capabilities and beyond.


Location Register

A virtual museum, where you can add each building or room, part of your institution, and the supported cultural objects located in these rooms. Reorganization of your cultural treasures could happen with one click. Assign movements and task, and receive notifications when the process is done.

Collection Management

Structured libraries with all cultural objects within your institution. Each cultural object has his own dashboard with all needed information such as current condition, detailed description, location, images, related activities, etc.


Track all current, pending, and historic acquisitions of the institution, create an audit trail of each cultural object that enters the institution. Communicate directly into the system with all partner organizations.


Powerful search capabilities. Choose between basic search where you can search by object type and free text, or use the advanced search, where you can search by different criteria and rules, and reach very fast the exact document that you need.

Curation Space video

Using Curation Space, you can benefit from:

  • Cultural objects organized in libraries
  • Filter the cultural objects by different criteria
  • Dashboard with all recently added cultural objects and performed activities
  • Quick access to all incoming or outgoing loans, acquisitions, deaccessions, movements, etc.
  • Workflow capabilities, depending on the personal needs
  • Ability to create saved searches, and to receive up to date information based on the search criteria, every time when you open it