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Exhibition Space is an end-to-end web-based module for exhibition and event management.

Using Exhibition Space you can enjoy intuitive task management, locations and movement monitoring, workflow tracking, collections management, and everything in-between. Management of every intricate detail of your exhibitions has never been so easy.



Contact register with partner organizations, containing detailed information about the organization, such as address, contact person, phone, email, etc.

Exhibition Management

Exhibition dashboard to manage all activities and documents related to the event. Monitor each cultural object that will take part of the exhibition, the location and the condition of every room/building within the facility, such as humidity of the room, temperature, and exposure of light.


Create incoming or outgoing loans directly into the system. Attach the cultural objects that will take part of the loan, and upload or create all supported documentation in one place. Send them to the partner organization, directly through the system.


Create review and approval workflow for loan agreement or for a new acquisition. Use the workflow diagram and track each step of the process and receive email notifications on each important step.

Exhibition Space video

Using Exhibition Space, you can benefit from:

  • Create a new project to manage all activities and documents related to the exhibition
  • Generate an ID number for each exhibition item
  • Examine and collaborate on featured cultural objects before a future event
  • Assign tasks to individuals to easily manage setup preparation of the exhibition
  • Record information about the condition of each building and room
  • Create/upload/attach accompanying documents for movement and transportation
  • Budget calculation
  • Acquisition management
  • Database for all dates, sales, and names of cultural objects that are sold for fundraising purposes
  • Reports